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Solar Orlando's sustainable energy solutions
Orlando's heat, sunshine and humidity make it a prime location for solar energy. In fact, Florida residents consume the sixth highest monthly electricity bill in the country, likely due to the cold weather. From the sky you can enjoy the Orlando lifestyle, stay calm and reduce your electricity bill.

Did you know this about solar in Orlando?
The Sunshine State is one of the top five states in the nation for solar generation. This energy efficiency sends more sunlight to your solar panel and increases your return on investment. With 233 days of sunshine per year, Orlando's goal is to go 100% renewable by 2050. Join Orlando in going solar by generating and storing your own clean and affordable energy.

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Achieve full energy independence with solar Orlando

Solar energy prices in Orlando are generally lower than the rest of Florida and lower than the United States as a whole, allowing homeowners to benefit from lower costs. The cost per watt of Orlando solar panels is typically lower because homes in Florida use more energy than anywhere else in the country. This high electricity consumption makes Florida's solar installations so large that they can be sold for very little per watt. You can bet on the sun Florida residents pay a monthly energy bill of $126.44, 13% higher than the national average. These numbers make installing solar panels in Orlando a wise investment. In September 2019, the average cost of solar in Orlando was $2.58 per watt. A 5 kilowatt Orlando solar system costs between $10,922 and $14,778. After all the incentives are done, your net worth can drop by thousands of dollars. And, Orlando's payback period is 8.47 years with savings of $34,967 over 20 years. 

Resilience with Solar Orlando 

Orlando, Florida gets a hurricane, and the Sunshine State is in the top 10 for fire breaks. Get ready to save solar batteries in Orlando before the next storm. Parallel Solar's battery pack provides backup power to withstand extreme weather conditions and power outages.
In Florida, solar panels and Parallel Solar batteries give you the energy freedom to keep your lights, refrigerator and WiFi on. Our batteries provide clean, reliable power for approximately 8-12 hours and are charged daily by the sun. There is no dust or noise from the combustion engine. Our lithium-ion batteries give you peace of mind while ensuring affordable electricity and protecting the environment.
Buy your own solar installation in orlando The sun is our most precious energy. Parallel Solar offers solar loans to Duke Energy customers, as well as purchase and financing options to Orlando Public Utilities Commission (OUC) customers.
You can have your terms and conditions with BrightBuy. Just pay one time upfront to get full ownership and incentives. Or, manage your budget through BrightAdvantage. Buy your system with a hassle-free loan, low interest rates, and no down payments

Rebates and credits make solar in Orlando affordable

Incentives drive up solar energy costs in Orlando. You can take advantage of state incentives such as property tax exemptions and real estate value added in relation to the cost of your system. Additionally, purchased systems are exempt from state sales tax, meaning you can save 6% up front. OUC offers up to $900 in rebates for installing solar panels, and you're eligible for up to $1,000 in rebates from some power companies. Additionally, the City of Orlando helps homeowners become more efficient and lower their energy bills through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. Orlando solar installations qualify for federal solar tax credits. Currently, the Federal Residential Solar Tax Credit gives you a dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal income taxes of up to 26% of the final cost of the solar energy system you install on your home. This benefit is available until December 31, 2022. In 2023, the homestead tax credit will increase to 22%. In 2024, the solar tax credit will expire. So it's time to go to the sun. In addition, focus on the number of net power in Orlando. Solar homeowners receive the full commercial price per kilowatt of electricity sent to the utility company's grid. Even if you use utility energy, your monthly bill could be $0 based on the energy credit. Solar energy produces about 30% more energy in Florida than in the northern states, resulting in a net positive figure. Get Solar Orlando today! Contact us today for all of you solar Orlando needs by calling (407)-970-5181, by emailing info@parallelsolarroofing.comor by visiting our Orlando solar installers page.

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